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Elementary student’s art educate the public about plastic pollution and express appreciation

Beautiful and compelling art was produced by tens of upper elementary level students from various schools in Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ventura and Santa Barbara to educate the public and raise awareness about how plastic pollution harms marine life. Also, as appreciation tokens to all donors, partners and sponsors who supported MERITO Foundation’s programs during the 2017-2018 school year including the Wishtoyo Foundation, LUSH Charity Pot, Channel Island Harbor Foundation, NOAA B-WET and Sea Forward.

MERITO Foundation kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with an enriching teacher training workshop

On September 27-28 and October 5, 25 teachers were trained from seven school districts along the Santa Barbara Channel region at Buenaventura State Park, aboard NOAA R/V Shearwater and at Santa Cruz Island on the use of our EECCOA and MERITO Academy curricula. During the workshop teachers learned from expert guest speakers such as Ventura Water, California State Parks, Wildscape Restoration, Food Forward, USC Sea Grant, Algalita, LA Maritime Institute, NOAA CINMS, Sea Forward and our staff at MERITO Foundation about ocean and environmental topics, monitoring protocols and assessment techniques. These teachers are already immersing 2,228 4th-12th grade students (90% enrolled in Title public s

Spreading the word about plastic pollution prevention at Leashless Brewing

On Aug. 17, Maripaula Valdez-Berris, our new staff member presented at Leashless Brewing, the all-organic and environmentally sound craft brewery, during their speaker series. This was a great opportunity to engage the public and spread community awareness on the importance of research, education, policy and citizen science to reduce plastic from entering the ocean. Maripuala’s talk followed Dr. Clare Steel from Cal State Channel Islands from the Department of Environmental Science and Resource Management. Guests and speakers mingled after the presentation to learn more about MERITO Foundation and to find out about ways in which they can contribute to protecting our environment and oceans.

In case you missed the radio on KPPQ 104.1 FM Radio with Kathleen Good (In the Women's Room)

Link al Video: On July, 2018 – MERITO Foundation’s Executive Director and Founder, Rocío Lozano-Knowlton along with Ventura Water Environmental Specialist, Haili Matsukawa were interviewed by Kathleen Good about their collaboration to educate and empower youth about water conservation and prevention of urban runoff in City of Ventura as part of the Ventura Water Outreach Program that was recognized earlier this year by State Water agencies as best outreach program of the year. Rocío also discussed how the MERITO Foundation involves multicultural and underserved communities to participate in conservation, field studies and robust data

MERITO Foundation and Pelagio Kakunja in collaboration to protect Hammerhead sharks of the Southern

On June 2018, MERITO Foundation collaborated with Pelagios Kakunja on their proposal to establish a Marine Protected Area to protect critical habitat of Hammerhead sharks at sea mounts and islands in the Southern Gulf of California. Lozano-Knowlton planned, coordinated and led with Ph. D. James Ketchum the 'Stakeholder Engagement Forum for Protection of Sharks in Southern Gulf of California based on Ecosystem Based Management of June 18 - 22. Over 20 participants from NGOs, Fishermen, Academia and Government officials took part of this forum. Hammerhead sharks among other large pelagic species thrived in the region until early 2000s. The high demand for shark fin soup lured commercial fishin

Welcome to the team Christi Hudson

"I have to say that the MERITO Foundation lesson plans, with their important content and high interest for kids, was definitely a highlight of my time teaching in Oxnard! I always dreamed of being able to spend more time on just those lessons! I would like to volunteer my services and skills to your program to help promote the goals of MERITO Foundation and see kids get excited about the natural world." Christi Hudson

Heads Up! Field studies and coastal trips season is almost here!!

This upcoming November will mark the start of the first field trips for the 2018-2019 academic school year; students will have the opportunity to apply all their knowledge learned in class in a hands-on experience at local beaches! They will contribute to ongoing scientific research by collecting valuable observations and data on sea bird populations, water quality of creeks, estuaries and other waterways, marine debris at out beaches. and health of our san beach and rocky intertidal habitats; this year we will also be partnering with Algalita Marine Research and Education organization to implement micro-plastic monitoring of our local beaches. We are always in need of support during field t

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