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Help us inspire environmental responsibility in our youth!

Support youth’s environmental entrepreneurship by donating to help them implement their project at home and lower their household’s carbon footprint.


Let’s make our communities more sustainable, one home at a time!

Plastic Waste in My Home Sebastian Vid.P
Plastic Waste by Sebastian Boisselier (Mesa Union School)

Sebastian's project proposes to reduce his home's food waste by 75% by buying a compost bin for composting, eating leftovers and not overbuying food. He would also like to reduce his plastic waste by 40% by buying snacks wrapped in paper, and reusing plastic bags and water bottles.

Cost of a Worm Composting Bin: $350 

Proyecto de Energia Crystal Vid.PNG
Motion Sensor Pic.PNG
Proyecto de Energía by Crystal Castillo (R.J. Frank)

Crystal proposed to save energy at home by turning the lights off when not in use, and buying motion sensor switches for a couple of rooms in her house. By implementing energy-saving methods in her home, Crystal noticed a decrease of $23 from January to February.

Cost of 4 Motion Sensor Switches + Installation: $270

Ahorremos Agua by Amanda Ambriz (R.J. Frank)

Amanda's project proposed to save water by collecting the water that is wasted while waiting for the water to warm up before taking a shower. She calculated that 3.5 gallons are wasted each time a member of her family takes a shower, which adds up to 685 gallons per month.  The cold water would be collected and stored in containers to be used for other daily activities, such as watering the plants and mopping.

Cost of 2 Evolve Thermostatic shut-off valves: $100

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 11.13.26
Saver of Water by Yasmine Ozkan and Arelie Perez (Jonata MS)
Savers of Water Pic Yasmine Arelie.PNG

Yasmine and Arelie proposed to take shorter showers in their homes to reduce their family's water usage.  The Savers of Water team calculated that by taking shorter showers they saved 4,648 gallons of water and saved more than $94 per year combined. They want to buy shower timers to continue saving water while they take shorter showers and engage other family members.


Cost of 2 shower timers: $50

Reward student-winners with cash prizes and fund their trip to the Channel Islands by donating what you can today!

Your donation directly impacts local youth’s education and experiences.

Support a local teacher to become better prepared to teach ocean and environmental science in their classroom for $150

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Provide a teacher and their students with science equipment for a full school year for $100

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Sponsor a student to visit the Channel Islands for the first time for $48

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Sponsor a student to visit the beach to identify shorebirds and help clean a beach

for $25

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