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Dancing Salsa for Local Youth’s Ocean Education & Experiences!

Dueling dancers will be competing to raise funds for charities on Sat. July 27 & Sun. July 28, 2019 during the 26th annual Salsa Festival in Oxnard. We need your vote for the MERITO Foundation to win the ‘2019 Dancing with our Community Stars’ competition. Your vote will provide free of charge bilingual ocean and environmental education to Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties’ children ages 10 to 18 of Title 1 schools.

Agustin “Aluche” Ballesteros

Our community star is Agustin “Aluche” Ballesteros, a person who gives life to the on-air character of “Solovino.” Solovino is the name of a character who is cheerful, flirty, funny, controversial and very much in love. He is always happy to toast to life. He is always singing and screaming trying to get a smile out of radio listeners through La M 103.7 FM.

The lead dancer is Erika Martin del Campo, co-owner and director of ME Sabor Dance Studio, a native of Santa Barbara, Erika has danced since the age of three, studying ballet, jazz, and flamenco. Aside from running her studio, she is a Workers’ Compensation attorney, representing injured workers across the central coast. 


Solovino and Erika are proud to be dancing on behalf of the MERITO Foundation, an organization committed to protecting the ocean and our natural environment by providing education, conservation and scientific research experiences to multicultural youth and their communities in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

What will you accomplish with your vote?

You will provide children 10 to 18 with science knowledge and interactions with the ocean. Your vote will help local students learn, care and protect our coastal and ocean resources, and they will adopt environmentally sustainable habits. All these will contribute to healthier and happier youth. VOTE for Solovino to support the MERITO Foundation.

$1 = 1 VOTE!

These are some of the things your vote can do by donating ($1=1 vote).

  • $25 vote will take a student to the beach to identify shore birds and help clean a beach

  • $50 vote will give a student the opportunity to visit the Channel Islands for the first time

  • $100 vote will give a teacher access to our hands-on bilingual curricula and science equipment

  • $150 vote you will pay the substitute for a teacher to participate in a 2-days teachers training on ocean, climate and environmental science at Santa Rosa Island

  • $300 vote will pay for a the school bus to transport a whole class to the tide pools and beach

  • $500 will supply water quality testing equipment for 1200 students to use per year

  • $1250 vote to switch a school from using Styrofoam for lunch trays or plates, to biodegradable lunch utencils

During the dance contest, judges will also vote for the best performance to select the “Judge’s Choice Award”. Please join us at the Salsa Festival event and vote for the best dancers in the cotenst, Erika and Solovino! VOTE for Solovino to support the MERITO Foundation.