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A word from the Executive Director

Dear friends, partners, sponsors and volunteers,

The work we do is now more important than ever. The newly released Federal fiscal budget included massive cuts for education, environmental protection, science, STEM, the arts, after school programs and many other areas that will affect the education of our youth and the environmental quality of our blue planet. During the first quarter of 2017, we immersed over 1,600 students and 30 teachers of the Santa Barbara Channel Region in environmental sustainability through education, conservation, citizen science and activism. These students now are thinking globally and acting locally. However, under the new national policies, it will be even more challenging to continue the work we do without community support. To help support our mission, you can volunteer to mentor students on our field trips; if you are a STEM professional you can help judge our upcoming EECCOA student project competition; you can join us during our enjoyable fundraiser “Paint with a Purpose”; you can donate to our programs or sponsor a classroom so they can receive our program. Click here to find more ways to help us protect our region’s coastal and marine environments through education, conservation and citizen science.

Thank you,

Rocío Lozano-Knowlton

Founder and Executive Director

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