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June culminated the filed studies season for 475 students participants of the MERITO Academy 2017-20

Four hundred and seventy five 4th-6th grade students from seven public elementary schools in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties gathered scientific data to populate on-going research, explored riparian, coastal and island environments. MERITO Foundation's, partners' staff and Channel Islands Naturalist Volunteers led science field-activities for all students at locations close to their schools to build stewardship for their local environments. Activities such as water quality testing, beach clean ups, bird ID, sandy beach and rocky intertidal monitoring, as well as interpretative hikes at Channel Islands to observe island foxes, Island Scrub jays, and common dolphins all contribute to healthy kids for a healthy blue planet. As end of year project, MERITO Academy students produced vibrant and heartfelt art with marine conservation messages for the year's sponsors as thank you tokens. Sponsors and donors big and small, all made possible a 12 year old hands-on in class and out-door climate, ocean and environmental education program that truly and deeply influences youth to think and live in an environmentally sustainable manner. For more information visit our MERITO Academy Program page.

If you would like to support our education, conservation or citizen science programs, you can contact us to volunteer during field studies, present lectures during teachers training workshops or donate to sponsor a student, a school-class or a teacher.

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