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MERITO Foundation kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with an enriching teacher training workshop

On September 27-28 and October 5, 25 teachers were trained from seven school districts along the Santa Barbara Channel region at Buenaventura State Park, aboard NOAA R/V Shearwater and at Santa Cruz Island on the use of our EECCOA and MERITO Academy curricula. During the workshop teachers learned from expert guest speakers such as Ventura Water, California State Parks, Wildscape Restoration, Food Forward, USC Sea Grant, Algalita, LA Maritime Institute, NOAA CINMS, Sea Forward and our staff at MERITO Foundation about ocean and environmental topics, monitoring protocols and assessment techniques. These teachers are already immersing 2,228 4th-12th grade students (90% enrolled in Title public schools) in ocean, climate and environmental science, conservation and citizen science through in class activities drown from the curricula. Thank you sponsors and volunteers for your support!

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